My Story

I love art! I grew up 20 miles north of Boston in a small suburb called Danvers, MA. At the age of three is when my love of art began. There was a local tv show called Captain Bob– a thirty-minute Saturday morning art instruction program that I vividly remember getting up, with paper and pencil in hand,very early in the morning every weekend to watch. That show taught me how to draw and I continued my art obsession all throughout high school and college earning my BFA.After many years of unfulfilling jobs like waitressing, restaurant management, and other disappointing jobs, I finally made my way back to art and have been doing it ever since.I experimented with my art a LOT and after many failures (and some triumphs!) I found that I love non-traditional art. I love using materials that are unconventional and wielding them into something exciting and unexpected. I work out of my home studio in New Hampshire where I live with my husband, Ray, and my two sweet pups Annie & Sissi.